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Kitchen Cut resistant gloves 3 PAIRS (S,M,L) Family Pack Cut-resistant gloves Food Grade Level 5 Protection, SafeKitchen Cut Gloves, Mandolin Slicing, Fish Fillet oyster shucking,Vegetable slicing


Warranty: 12 Months


  • Level 5 Cut Resistant Certification; Only top of the line cut resistant gloves can pass the rigorous EN388 certification process; We’re proud to announce that the Versoe Essentials passed the testing with flying colors and they’re waiting for you to personally put them to the test; Made with food-grade polyethylene, extra-durable glass fiber and flexible Spandex, we’re confident that their quality and resistance to blades will pass your tests in the kitchen with flying colors for once more
  • They Help You Work Faster; Not having to think about safety all the time gives you a pivotal sense of freedom; No matter if you work as a professional chef, a butcher or if you’re just a cooking enthusiast, time is crucial for doing top-notch work; Stop worrying about your fingers and focus on your craft with ultimate commitment while being fully protected from accidental cuts; The Versoe Essentials will become the best ally on your journey to masterful work and delicious dishes
  • Cheaper Than Stitches; If you’ve ever been to the local ER you know how much stitches cost; We’re talking both for the actual ER costs, the time wasted, the blood-bathed food that you had to throw away and the leave you had to take because you couldn’t work; Not to mention the pain, the nervousness every time you use a knife after the accident and the embarrassment you have to go through every time you ask someone for help; It can all be avoided with a set of Versoe Essentials gloves
  • Perfect Fit For The Family; This value-packed set includes 3 pairs of gloves in 3 unique sizes – Small, Medium, Large – so even kids can enjoy a cooking session without putting their hands in danger; Soft, lightweight and flexible, these mesh gloves have been designed to fit like a second skin and will make food slicing, grating, filleting or any other task a breeze; Give your kids one more reason to stay off the couch and experience cooking, without having to always keep an eye on them
  • 100% Risk-Free Purchase – Your Satisfaction Guaranteed; We don’t expect you to take our word for it; Put them to the test and if for any reason they’re not what you’d expect, we’ll be happy to give you every penny you paid back; This pack of 3 protective gloves is covered by our 12 Month Manufacturer Warranty; You, on the other hand, are fully protected by our Bulletproof 30 Day MONEY BACK Guarantee